Online Reservation System and Booking

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Chapter I


Rationale of the Study

Every problem has a solution. In order to come up with a good

solution, the root of the problem has to be determined. The scope of

the problem must be established well before making the first few steps

of the study. One has to get a hold of the basic theories and principles

regarding the problem, justify the impact of the problem to the

society, and consider the future customers of that “would-be “solution.

Before designing solutions, related literature must be examined first.

This may ease off confusion as to where and how to start. Lastly, a

standard and appropriate methodology must guide everything until the

solution is achieved.

Technology has gone a long way, improving
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The proponents make use of some tools

and techniques to build the project. The system uses Graphical User

Interface(GUI) to help the user give instruction to the computer. The

system once implemented it will solve the most common problems

that the Hotels encounter.


- online reservation

- add/edit/delete guest reservation information

- prepaid card

- reloadable

- guest account numbers

- generate monthly sales income(reports)

Objectives of the project

The goal of the study is to analyze, design, develop and implement a online reservation system for Sogo Hotel that will help improve the current system. This study aims to solve the problem with low guest occupancy of the hotel by offering affordable and accessible online reservation prepaid system.

Specifically, this study aims to create a reservation system that offers the following:

1. to increase the number of hotel guests;

2. to lessen the time consumed during reservation.

3. to highly integrate data.

4. to spend less time in searching and retrieving of files.

5. to create monthly sales report; and

6. to keep up with competitors by cater wider markets.

Scope and limitation of the project

The study focuses only on the hotel reservation system area, both the server and the client. For the server, it tries to eliminate booking complexities through the use of an internet in doing a reservation request, since
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