Online Retailing Service Services At Zappos

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Zappos is a well-known online retailing service provider to its several customers. Zappos gives great customer service which comes with its own cost which is far more than traditional efforts for maintaining customer relations. The cost can offset the profitability and the rate of return for any business. There are many opportunities for cost reduction and improvement in bottom line by streamlining various activities such as offering bulk discounts and incentives, which will encourage their customers to purchase more with every order placed. This could help reduce shipping charges. Another way to cut costs would be, when their customers want their order shipped within one day, Zappos could charge a minimal fee to have this done.
Zappos customer service is unique, but they could benefit with offshoring customer services by cutting costs with employees’ wages and the perks that are currently given. This would eliminate Zappos costs of hiring, operating costs, training costs, scheduling, and manpower and save time. However, there could be downsides to offshoring customer services such as; the decrease in customer satisfaction and security and privacy concerns as overseas call center employees usually do not receive a background check like many call centers in the U.S. According to Abrams, it’s our job to make certain that customers have little reason for complaints. (Abrams, 2012, pp. 347).When a customer places an order, Zappos could assign a personal customer service
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