Online Role Playing Game Games

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In many of the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) game there is always a guid to it but sometime the player are not follow those guid and ending up complaining that the game are not good. Accroding to Menashe Kestenbaum in every game before the player start playing its, the players should search up the and what kind of game they like and do they want to play solo or with everyone. (P.3: A Beginner 's Guide to MMORPG) The players would also check to see if they like the game graphic or not. It might just be a simple game but for a professional player 's gaming is life and they will help create the guide for new players.
For this, I will discuss about about the rule in MMORPG and the guide to becoming the best player in the game. The best way for the new player to be successful in gaming and be good at follow the guideline provided by the developer. The guideline that provided by the developer would have quests information, monsters, classes, weapons, armors, capes, and helms. Sometimes the rule would include about if the players use cheat code to get something that is again the rule the players would be banned for 24 hours and and the player do it again it would be a week and so on. Also, if the players use swear words the players would be banned from using chat for one minute and if the player continues to use the swear words the player would get banned for five minutes, thirty minutes, sixty minutes, twenty-four hours, seventy-two hours,…
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