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My worst memories of my childhood was getting bullied and peer pressured in public school. Being around people who wanted nothing good for me wasn’t a good environment and I wanted to leave. I ended up leaving and went to an online school, the experience was more enjoyable and I was happy. When considering which type of school to go to, many families want to know which one is better based on the learning environment and the people there. The learning experience, the friendships being made, and the pace of the classes are all things both schools provide but, if you want one that doesn’t make you a victim of bullying and you could be ahead of your classes and graduate early, online school would be the choice for you.
The first thing to consider
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The most important difference between public and online school is making friends and also having a bully. We all know bullies are not fun to deal with and that friends are always a distraction during class, Public School has all those things which is why in this argument online school takes the win because it’s the exact opposite! While public schools all the students are together, online school makes it so you’re working alone. The only way you can see your classmates is during Class Connect so that means no distractions and no bullies.
Last, one should consider the speed between online and public schools. In online Middle Schools now allow 8th graders to get high school credits for WA History, LAC I, and Algebra I. This allows students to really advance in their learning and it gives them the "carrot" of a high school credit at the same time. Another good thing about Online Schooling is that you could get ahead in your work, when in public schools all students in your class are at the same pace.

For someone who wants to be ahead of their classes and have a good and easy learning experience, online school would be the perfect option for them. So for your next school year, consider transferring to an online school – there are many things waiting for you to
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