Online School vs. Traditional School

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Online School vs. Traditional School Jessica O’Brien Strayer University English 215 Professor: Robin Parks 12/4/11 Online School vs. Traditional School It seems that technology is growing, improving, and changing at an exponential rate. Technology now affects every part of our lives from the time we get up to the time we go to bed, and even as we sleep. One of the major areas that has been affected by technology is education. At one time, the only option for students to complete their education was in a traditional classroom setting. There has become a major need for non-traditional education because there has been a growth in the amount of non-traditional students that exist in our society. The advancement of technology has…show more content…
One major concern is that cheating will be increased due to there not being any proctoring or monitoring of exams. This is a very valid concern. Plagiarism is a major issue in any school, whether it is an online or a traditional classroom setting. The major concern that some people have is that plagiarism is much easier online than it is in a classroom setting. I would have to disagree with this. I have been both a student at a traditional university (Georgia State University), and I have been a student online (University of Phoenix for 2 years and now, Strayer University). If a student wants to cheat on a paper, it is just as easy to do it whether he/she is physically submitting it to a professor or electronically submitting it. The medium used for submission does not change the actual process the student takes when writing the paper. Also, cheating on an online exam is not as easy as one may expect. Most classes do not offer multiple choice online exams for the very reason that there is a concern, because it would be easy to copy and paste a question into Google or any other popular search engine. Instead, the tests usually require the student work the problem out on his/her own or write a paper or summary to show that he/she actually understands the content. I find that
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