Online Shopping And The Future Of All Business

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Popularized by websites like Amazon and eBay. Online shopping and the virtual store may be the future of all business. Online shoppers spent an estimated 126 billion in the U.S. alone in 2013. Seeing exponential growth in coming years, Many major retailers have already made efforts to set up online shops. Retail juggernauts like Walmart and Target have thrown their hats into the online arena with websites of their own. Many more entrepreneurs have begun creating entire businesses online. The reasons to take your company digital may be plentiful. As more of the world gains access to the internet even more markets become accessible. With the advent of drone technology and better delivery methods online sales and logistics are becoming easier and more cost efficient. Also online stores and warehouses require less manpower making them cheaper. But a major impact of this growth is the decline in recent years of big box retailers and subsequently the fall of "The Mall". As more consumers choose to do their shopping online many retailers and shopping centers are being left behind. As the number of failing malls begin to rise and consumers choose in larger numbers to forgo the lines and do their shopping online, it is a trend that we predict will grow in importance and impact in the coming years. So in this paper, we will discuss online retail and e-commerce as a whole. We will look at it’s history and current impact. Then we will make some
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