Online Shopping Is Very Popular All Over The World Essay

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Internet has brought huge transformations in the lives of people all around the World. Ecommerce is one of the best applications of the Internet society. E Commerce reduces the time and distance between the manufacturer and the consumer. Gone are those days when people used to spend endless time waiting in long queues to buy and pay for their goods and services. Online shopping is very popular all over the world. Even third world countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are doing a variety of online businesses. USA has one of the biggest online markets. All retail businesses like Walmart, Target, Sears, Macy’s etc. are giving their customers the flexibility of online shopping. This gives the customers the ease of buying products online and delivered to their door step. The websites are made very interactive for the users. This is leading to increasing sales and profits for businesses. Customers can now access huge databases of products and services and can view any products detailed description and usage. The better information provided on the website the easier it is for the customer to make an informed decision. The required elements are: Images, technical specifications, features and benefits, categorization, cross references and year make model (Rick Weber, How to make eCommerce work, 2015). Users can very easily compare prices from different vendors to get the best deal. They can easily add items to their online shopping cart. Consumers can use coupons to get

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