Online Shopping Will Dominant The Way Of Doing Business

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Online Shopping Will Dominant the Way of Doing Business

Vincent Jiang

English 108

April 2, 2012
With the development of the Internet and technology, people can accomplish more without stepping out of their houses. The Internet provides us with its great convenience. Also, many payments can be completed on the Internet. For example, we can pay for our tuition just by clicking the button on the webpage; international students can purchase the cheapest air ticket after comparing prices from different airlines at the same time; ladies can buy the latest oversea fashion designs online without paying the expensive travel fees. No matter how people get used to the old pattern of transacting, the traditional way to transact will definitely affect by this new method of transacting. This paper will focus on illustrating the advantages of online transaction and on how online transactions are going to change people’s way of doing business.
Nowadays, the world’s population is becoming older. Even in China, which has almost 19 percent of the world’s population (Xinhua, 2011), some coastal cities are still facing the crisis of hiring enough laborers (Rapoza, 2011). In this situation, all transactions that need laborers will face the challenge of salary rising which is a potential burden for corporations. Also, in order to balance this extra expense, companies must sell their products at a higher price which doesn’t strengthen their competitiveness. At the same

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