Essay on Online Shopping: the Future

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James Cimabue Professor Berg English 102 3/08/13 Online Shopping: The Future Nowadays, a huge amount of shopping is done over the Internet. Everything we could possibly want to do from buying cars to CD players to household cleaning products, almost anything can be purchased online, often at a substantial savings. Recently I needed a calculator for my math class. Did I go to Wal-Mart or Albertson’s to purchase one? No, I chose online shopping for the many benefits. One of which was convenience. Why go to a store and hope that they have the right calculator, when I can go online and find exactly what I need for most likely a cheaper price and have it shipped and on its way to my house in less time it would take me to drive to the…show more content…
It was a lot of work, so it’s really no surprise that online shopping has taken off. While online purchases only accounted for 7% of total retail sales in the U.S. for 2011 (Indvik, Lauren 2012), It is expected to continue growing at a respectable pace and reach over 12% by 2016 (Bombourg, Nicolas 2012). Since we can reasonably assume that online shopping is only going to continue growing let’s continue looking at the benefits. Online shopping gives us the ability to read reviews about the item before we actually purchase it. When we are in a store, there is very little relevant information we can obtain just by looking at the box or the display model concerning the life of the product. We cannot tell how well the product will hold up to normal wear and tear. We cannot tell if there is a defect in the product that will cause it to break or not function properly sooner than is acceptable. By using the internet for purchasing things, we can read reviews which will detail how the product holds up to abuse and will give us an idea about the percentage of defective units that made it to customers. We can even get a good idea of quality of the item without reading reviews. Most online stores have a rating system of usually 0-5 stars that is based entirely off of user ratings. This is a definite time saver if we need to order something fast and don’t have time to read through the reviews. We will also have the benefit of shopping world-wide while online. If we were
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