Online Shopping versus Traditional Retail Store

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Online Shopping vs. Traditional Retail Store
One of the most debatable decisions for most Americans during the sale event or holiday is whether to shop or not to shop. Especially, when considering that some of the online shopping websites such as Amazon and eBay are established. To shop online or to shop in the store has become a more practical question. I used to be a traditional shopper, but I changed my mind sometime over years since I found that shopping online is much cheaper and more convenient than the traditional shopping, and it also provides more options.
One point of interest is the expense of online shopping are much less than at retail stores. The prices are reduced due to the fact that there is no retailer to deal with, so online customers get nearer wholesale prices. On the other hand, retailers at most of the stores raise prices to cover building lease, storage, hiring employees, and overhead expenses. Moreover, the cost for owning an online website is lower than owning a retail store because they can maintained at home without any costs; consequently decreasing the products' prices. Even though online shopping is not quite as cheap as buying at the sale event at a sales event but it is very reasonable. Additionally, online coupons offer more savings too, especially if people are members of those websites' clubs. For example with, a person can save over fifty percent per book and with a special member card, he or she can save more than that. They
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