Online Shopping vs Brick and Mortar

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Online Shopping VS Brick and Mortar
Ann Gove
December 10, 2011
Marianne Raley

Online shopping VS Brick and Mortar
Does the idea of shopping in Italy, France, or Japan at 3:00 am in your pajamas while snuggled up on the couch sound like a good idea? Then internet shopping is the way to go. As of the first twenty five days of the November- December 2011 Holiday season internet sales totaled 12.7 billion dollars, that’s an increase of 15% since last year. Online shopping dominates the brick and mortar with convenience, price, and variety that traditional shopping can’t compare to and research shows why. Now some say they like to see and touch the item in the store and although you may have a valid point but after reading my
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Many people say online shopping is more expensive because you have to pay for shipping but almost all of the sites will offer free shipping if you order over twenty five dollars and pretty much everyone will do so when shopping online. If you are charged for shipping the discounted prices you pay for the items will usually offset the cost of shipping and many companies also offer online coupons for an extra discount off the already low prices. Taxes are not a factor as the store is not a physical location so you are not required to pay a tax, unless the store you are shopping is in your state that you reside in then you will of course pay your state sales tax. The other cost saving reason to shop via the internet is the savings on gas, 87% of consumers polled from a custom research poll stated that saving money on gasoline is one of the top reasons for buying online. When you are not driving your car to each store looking for your items you won’t have to worry about paying for gas as well as the wear and tear on your vehicle from driving around. Maintenance costs will also be less as you will not be driving your car and won’t need to do maintenance as often.
When you are shopping via the internet you are able to see many different items that many different stores are offering at one time without having to go to each store to look at the items you want to see. According to a consumer poll the top reason people shop via the
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