Online Social Media & Teen Suicide

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Influence of online social media, contributing to the recent increase in teen suicide.
Previous and current research and statistics have shown that the rate of youth suicide, both in Australia and internationally, has increased a significant amount since 2009 and unfortunately only continues to rise (National Institute of Mental Health, 2013). This research project is designed at exploring the ways in which social media is involved and how it is has been able to influence and contribute to the increasing rates of youth suicide within the last two years. The research will be focusing on two major concepts which will analyse what forms of online social media (and social networking) contribute to youth suicide, as well as, identifying if
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These sites include Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, all of which are easily accessible, include the option of anonymity and can display a lot of personal information. In recent years, a series of online bullying-related suicides across the globe have brought awareness to the connection between online bullying and suicide. A study conducted in Britain established that approximately half of suicides among youth are related to online bullying through social media networks and 23% of teens aged 12-15 had been bullied via Facebook or email. There are two key relevant studies that will be analysed within this literature review are as follows; a 2011 clinical report, ‘The Impact of Social Media on Children, Adolescents, and Families’ and a 2011 study, ‘Bullying and Suicide’. This literature review will evaluate and compare both studies, and discuss how this information could contribute to gaining further understanding of the research subject regarding the issue of online social media being an influential factor in recent teen suicide. The clinical report ‘The Impact of Social Media on Children, Adolescents, and Families’ written by O’Keeffe and Clarke-Pearson (2011) was to discuss the potential negative issues and risks of online social networking, predominantly looking at the impacts on ‘tweens’ (11-12 years of age) and teens (13-18 years of age). This report outlined largely significant concerns of online social media such as cyber bullying,

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