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Online Therapy Daryl Hartlauer BSHS-375 06/18/2015 David B. Lagerson Online Therapy The purpose of this paper is to investigate and to report how on-line therapy is currently being implemented in treatment today. I will be looking at three different current services and how they are regulated, how they are implemented, security issues, ethical issues, and treatment facilitation. In my opinion on-line therapy offers some unique advantages both for the client and the therapist. There are however some considerations in regards to distance, such as therapy being provided across state or national boundaries, being able to maintain a secure environment as well as a loss of some valuable to cues in reading and evaluating…show more content…
Each listed therapist or counselor is licensed in their field for their particular state. This company founded in April of 2000 is claimed to be the largest global network of therapists available for online services. ("Online Therapy", 2015) Conclusion There are a myriad of choices available to choose from. Many are offering very similar services, so it is a good practice to check their credentials, read their bios along with their ratings. Make sure that they're using HIPPA approved software and have secure network connections. Another consideration, is the counselor certified or licensed in your state? Checked the pricing and read all the fine print to ensure you are getting what you are paying for. With the variety and types of services available online, be clear in what you’re trying to accomplish and what your needs are in order to make an informed decision. Some of the services use skype (business) or private e-mail lists. E-mail counseling evolved out of more traditional paper letter based counseling. This type of counseling has been used all the way back to Freud and his patients. One of the major drawbacks compared to face to face is that some of the inflection, tone of voice, posture and body language can not necessarily be transmitted online. This can make it difficult to accurately assess the client or even lead to misdiagnosis. For someone who suffers with

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