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Online Therapy BSHS/352 February 3,2014 Online Therapy Therapy can be seen as a way for a client to work through an issue in their life. A client may find that they don't feel comfortable sitting in an office with a therapist discussing their issues or concerns but that they would rather obtain therapy by accessing the Internet and utilizing online therapy. With modern technology it makes it much easier to access different forms of online therapy. Online therapy has increased in recent years. Many individuals are looking for assistance from a therapist and have found that with online therapy they can do it from the convenience of their own home. A client takes into consideration the…show more content…
This agency offers a free confidential e-mail service The last online therapy group that I've research is a Sunrise Counseling (Sunrise Counseling, 2008). This organization is run by Rev. Dawn Sutton, MSW,RSW, to have the site is dedicated to providing Christian counseling to individuals in need . Rev. Sutton is a member of an International Society for mental health online members and her mission is to counsel in a particular way. She believes in result oriented and holistic counseling measures.(Sunrise Counseling -mission,2008) Rev. Sutton works when individuals that have issues with relationship, low self esteem, and loss of direction in affect of abuse. Rev. Sutton encourages her clients to know their rights and ask questions if they are unsure. When she also encourages her clients to request that the therapist they are working with send a written report regarding services rendered to a qualified therapist or organization with written authorization, as well as terminate therapy at any time. Dr. Sutton acknowledges that confidentiality is important however she will not follow the confidentiality rules if child abuse is reported are suspected, if a client is in danger or they are a

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