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JUNE 20TH, 2013

This paper will discuss conduct and discuss three different online therapy sites. It will discuss the contact of each website, the professional involved, how the actual online interaction occurs. It will address how professional associations and state boards view online therapy. It will discuss the related security and ethical issues, such as informed consent and confident confidentially. Include your opinion of the advantages and disadvantages of online therapy services. The three websites that have been chosen for this assignment are Live Person, My Therapy, and Online-Therapy.
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My Therapy Couch: The third program that was chosen My Therapy Couch it believes that even though they are not the tradition face to face therapy that the still have the same credentials, have to fall the same guidelines, the same standard of ethics and have the qualifications as any other therapist would have. The My Therapy Couch offers different options for their patience’s and it is convenient and affordable. The way it works is that most people use online service for simple two reasons: one would be to get immediate attention and the other would be to seek on going treatment. My Therapy Couch discuss the different of methods used in which one is Direct Counseling which is email consultant, Email Therapy, Private Therapy, and one on one counseling these methods are considered the most common easiest and fast form of communication. In addition to the most common service My Therapy Couch offers another outlook that they Online Therapies do not offer is that not only do they match a client with a therapist. But also with a support team that is focused on the client needs. Their mission is simple that they are here to help and the goal is to provide the client with the tools and support need to improve life. They believe that it is not their job to find the answer to your questions but to give the client the tools they need to find their answers

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