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Online Therapy Heather Lattea BSHS/352 Instructor Andrade August 13, 2012

Online Therapy Online therapy has emerged as a viable new option in the helping profession. Online therapy or e-therapy occurs when a therapist provides therapy and support over the Internet. E-mail, chat, video, or smart phone are all ways individuals can communicate through online therapy. Online therapy websites are abounding on the Internet, any individual seeking online therapy will surely find what they are looking for. This paper will evaluate and explain the content from
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Choose a counselor, start chatting free, and pay when ready. Counselors are available for quick chats to deal with quick matters or weekly sessions to assist in an ongoing problem. LivePerson’s pricing ranges anywhere from 20 to 500 dollars and the first few minutes of therapy is free. is a web-based therapy based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The site offers many programs that address numerous different issues, such as insomnia, depression, bipolar, and so on. staff includes consultant therapists, cognitive behavioral therapists, practitioners and support staff (, 2012). All staff work together to give individuals high-quality online therapy. head therapist, Margaret Sweet has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and over 29 years of experience in psychology and mental health, social services and human behavior (, 2012). To get started on the site all individuals need to do is follow a self-explanatory online step-by-step therapy. The therapy consists of eight sessions in eight weeks. Individuals who participate will get access to worksheets in each session, and to a personal therapist who will monitor every aspect of the individual’s online therapy program. Individuals will receive daily feedback and access to live chats with a

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