Online Tools For Search Engines

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Keyword Choice Keyword phrase selection involves identifying and selecting group of keywords that can be used in optimization of websites. This process requires time to find a good set of phrases which offer two important factors: more usage by researchers and low competition in search engines. [6] Users use keywords to find the target websites or solutions to their problems. Search engines also utilizes keywords as search criteria to retrieve the results for websites. Therefore, main keyword needs to be determined while designing a website. After recognizing the most usable keywords, these should be scattered in webpage. Online tools can be used to determine most used phrase that contains target keywords. These tools takes a keyword as…show more content…
However, keyword heap should be avoided i.e. keywords should be arranged according to the need of content. Otherwise, search engines classify it as a malicious behavior if keywords are artificially piled together. In search engines, three to eight percent of density is considered appropriate for good website ranking. Its good policy to follow W3C standards, reducing page length and separating code of JavaScript and CSS from web HTML code and to increase keyword and overall density. Keyword Distribution It is an important method to improve SEO results. It involves inserting keyword to appropriate locations of a webpage. Places where we can place keywords are, Meta keywords, titles, Page headers, link texts etc. B. Content Building and Optimization Content is considered as the most important element of search engine optimization. The search engine look for high-quality and high-content webpages. Websites which contain high-quality content, attract s more users. It gives users a reason to come back on a website. If the website owner changes and updates the content frequently, search engines often visit and grab more pages. Frequently updating a website content helps to survive in the competitive market. Figure: Content Optimization [8] C. Website Structure (Page) optimization A website’s technical structure plays an important role in determining its success or failure. Website should have
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