Online Voting System

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Resources Required:-
Development Tool:- PHP
Database- My Sql
Server- WAMP Server
“ONLINE VOTING SYSTEM” is an online voting technique. It is based on the other online services like “ONLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM” .In this system people who have citizenship of INDIA and whose age is above 18 years of any [censored] can give his\her vote online without going to any polling booth. There is a DATABASE which is maintained by the ELECTION COMMISION OF INDIA in which all the names of voter with complete information is stored.
- This system will increase the voting percentage in India. - If high security is applied then it may reduce false vote.
In “ONLINE VOTING SYSTEM” a voter can use his\her voting right online
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Voter’s vote in a database.
•Calculation of total number of votes.
Various operational works that are done in the system are:-
•Recording information of the Voter in Voter database.
•Checking of information filled by voter.
•Discard the false information.
•cach information is sent to ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA.
2.3 Project Requirements
Hardware Requirements (Processor RAM Disk Space)
Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium IV, Higher 128 Mb or Higher 130 Mb
Software Requirements (Operating System Database)
Win-98, Win-XP, Linux, My SQL

2.4 User Characteristics
Every user should be: Comfortable with Internet Browser. He must have brief knowledge of voting system. He must also have basic knowledge of English too.
2.5 Constraints gUI is only in English. Login and password is used for identification of Voter.
2.6 Definitions of problems
• Not User Friendly: The existing system is not user friendly because the retrieval of data is very slow and data is not maintained efficiently.
• Difficulty in report generating: We require more calculations to generate the final result so it is generated at the end of the session. And the voter not get a single chance to change his\her vote.
• Time consuming: Every work is done manually so we cannot generate report in the middle of the session or as per the requirement because it is very time consuming.
Depending on the results of the initial investigation the survey is now expanded to a more
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