Online Vs. Traditional Education. As The Substantial Technological

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Online vs. Traditional Education As the substantial technological progress every part of the modern living has been touched even the mode of learning. Online education or learning is rapidly gaining popularity due today which is offering intensified competition to traditional learning. Acquiring learning path that best suites the needs , time and resources that one has become of the most important decisions to make today (Chandler 1). In that as the current employers are demanding increased skills and knowledge from the employees, the demand for online education has gone up. This has been fueled by the fact that individuals are forced to work and learn simultaneously which is well supported by online…show more content…
Traditional education offers the oldest approach of education through allowing physical interaction with the professors (Woo 1). This kind of learning tends to be more effective because it increases learning effectiveness since the students can be able to ask questions. Those who opt for traditional learning is due to the fact that it increases social interaction in learning and this helps in creating better understanding of subjects and social life (Chandler 1). On the other hand online education is more cheaper requires less resources and allows students to learn at their given time. It offers a fresh technology age that is essential in widening the education scope (Woo 1). This platform prepares students in succeeding in the growing technology driven international economy. Online education offers a fresh kind of experience where the learning schedule is self directed. With the employment of portable devices it facilitates increased learning which can be acquired at any given time at any location. This is a form of receiving information in a convenient way with less stress on time or even resources. The online learning classes settings and the communication boards offers different learning techniques which permits students to acquire learning without communicating. This eliminates the worry of missing regular classes which in most cases affects the learning outcomes. This

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