Online Vs. Traditional Learning

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Online Versus Traditional Learning
Today 's generation relies so much on technology that it has now been incorporated into the schools curriculum. What we once knew and have learned by using school books, is now being taught strictly electronic communication. Although the online environment learning can be utilized to enhance classroom lessons, doesn 't mean it should come a main source of teaching. Schools around the nation has remove the use of textbooks and worksheet from the classroom it is a known fact that all learners don 't comprehend through the same techniques and or methods. Some students need the traditional method or individual attention. Issues learning through Web-based, Distance and Blended learning can be good or bad, but even worse becoming a primary tool in classroom. Electronic communication suppose help alter and increase the learners way of thinking but what about the ones who are less mature, motivated and discipline, they will need face to face teaching. Teachers can explain the information in a way the learner can related to what being taught. Teachers add experiences, personality, compassion that 's something an electronic device can 't do it doesn 't feel or understand that the learner is not catching on it only does what is program inside its system to do. Distractions is another issue, it 's proven that multi-tasking is regular for students and that many students are found switching between competing activities highly distracting according to,…
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