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In the 21st Century, the advance information technology is already well-developed. Online worlds have engaged millions of internet user, both as a new genre of entertainment and play, as well as sites for intense social interaction, since the mainstream breakthrough of graphical online worlds in the very late 1990s and early 2000s. Online worlds are characterised by the fact that they shared, persistent, large and explorable 3D-environments, in which multiple users are represented by an in-world entity, typically a virtual body, in the form of a so-called “avatar” or character. Also, because of the emergence of online games that forming a virtual world which has more beautiful or desire features rather than the real world. Thus, it…show more content…
Firstly, online games have a variety of different knowledge. Players can learn a lot of different things from the game. As long as young people choose the right and wholesome games to play with, they can learn some blending entertainment; either consolidates their extra-curricular knowledge, but also can cause their interest in learning. In addition, online game players also can stimulate their brain thinking. Nowadays, it focuses how to nurturing young people to consolidate grows up thinking ability, such as general education so as to enable them to grow more fully. Educational computer games can stimulate their senses, logical thinking brain cells and help them to learn new knowledge and apply the knowledge to real life, it definitely beneficial to their growth. Secondly, online games which without any time limit so it brings to a great degree of convenience. As long as there is a computer, they can sit tight at home to enjoy the fun of the online gaming. Therefore, young people can play online games whatever in his spare time, they are having fun, but also to relieve the pressure. Thirdly, online games can facilitate communication with adolescent peers. Young people
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