Online or Traditional Shopping Method?

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Online or Traditional Shopping Method? Which one do UNA students prefer? The purpose of this study is to analyze the traditional shopping method and the online shopping method to conclude which one UNA students prefer. We will also analyze the different factors influencing both methods. 2010 Name: Christopher Benett ProgressID: 1053442 Major: Internet-Based Information Systems Course: Research Writing and Presentation Lecturer: Monique M.B. Emelina-Pieter MBA Date: 30 April, 2010 Table of Contents Introduction 4 Importance of Study 4 Purpose of Study 4 University of the Netherlands Antilles 5 The Faculty of Law (JF) 5 The Faculty of Engineering (TF) 5 The Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics (SEF) 6 The Faculty of Arts…show more content…
The Faculty of Engineering (TF) The courses given at the Faculty of Engineering are comparable to those of the so-called technical or vocational colleges (technical universities) in the Netherlands. The dean of the Faculty of Engineering is responsible for the general management of the faculty and he is assisted in this by the acting dean (University of The Netherlands Antilles, 2010). The Faculty of Engineering has three main degree programs: * Architecture and civil Engineering * Information Technology and Electrical Systems * Industrial Technology The Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics (SEF) This faculty offers the following programs: * Bachelor of Science program Accounting * Bachelor of Science in Business Administration * Bachelor of Applied Science in International Business Management * Bachelor of applied Science in Financial Management * Bachelor of Applied science in Marketing Management * Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Communication * Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Management * Bachelor of Applied Science in Fiscal Law & Economics * Master of Science Accounting (University of The Netherlands Antilles, 2010) The Faculty of Arts (Arts) The faculty of Arts was established in 2001. They started with the Bachelor of Education program for Papiamentu and later on with the languages Dutch, English and Spanish. The Faculty of Arts is one of
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