Online vs Traditional Campus Degree Essay examples

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Online vs Traditional Campus Degree
English Composition
ENG 121 Online vs Traditional Campus Degree

Adults looking to return to school to obtain a degree have many things to consider. Two main items to think about are online learning VS traditional on campus classes. Although both of these are alike in many ways, there are advantages and disadvantages to each one. It helps when making this decision to look at all the pros and cons. By doing this it will aid the perspective student in making a final decision. The first thing a perspective student should do is look at the common ground that either online learning and campus learning share to gain a better understanding of what to look for. Both online and campus learning offer
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With online learning there is no commute, except to where ever the computer is located within the house. There is no need to hire a babysitter. On the other hand, with Campus classes the student will have attend a classroom causing the student to use either a car, bus or other means of transportation. Also, by having to physically attend a class the student will have to work on time management and work school into whatever schedule that is already a part of the student’s regular day. Online school offers a one class at a time schedule, there is no break with online degrees. The student will be in a class every day for the next two to four years. This is quite different with on campus classes. A full time campus student attends 4 to 5 classes at a time to maintain full-time student status. A student will time off for spring and summer break. Finally, you should consider is the amount of money you want to spend. With traditional college, you will need transportation cost, books, and childcare, along with higher tuition. Online classes, eliminates the need for a car or childcare, and tuition is much less. You can download e-book this is a money saver. When the time comes to further your education, there will be many factors the influence your decision. Do your homework to find exactly to right fit for you. This is a big decision only you know what is exactly right for you. Good luck in the future. With an education, online or on campus you
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