Only Love and Then Oblivion

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Only love and then oblivion

Love is a well known concept; we hear it almost every day and many people have experienced love. However, it could be in many forms; you can feel love for your mother, love for your friends, or even love for animals. It is a concept some people dedicate their lives to; their ultimate goal in life is to find love, mostly romantic love. Since love is such a big deal in so many people’s lives, you start to question whether love is just something humankind have created, or if it really is a basic human instinct.

Ian McEwan thinks it’s an instinct. That is at least what he shows in his article “Only love and then oblivion” from 2001. In the article he reflects over the 9/11 incident, which makes it a
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These types of love are, in the same order, love for humanity, family or friends (platonic love), love that endures, for yourself, love created by shared experiences or interests, playful or flirty love, and romantic or sexual love. The phonecalls described in McEwans article are romantic or platonic love, but what he describes afterwards, where everyone wanted to talk or reflect over the attack could be perceived as philia (love created by shared experiences) because that is what it was; the love we felt at that time was created by the attack. On the other hand, it could also be agape, love for humanity; it brought us all together, and we were more loving towards others, even strangers. Love can be many things, and you can feel different kinds of love.

Love is also ruthless; it doesn’t care about anything. You hear many examples of people meeting at the wrong time or wrong place; for example if you were in a relationship but then fell in love with someone else. Or if you fell in love with someone moving away. There are many examples of love being ruthless, especially in entertainment. An example could be Annie Proulx’ novel “Brokeback Mountain”, which is about two homosexual men, Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, who fall in love. But because the novel is set in Texas, USA, the romantic love they feel is ruthless. Religion is very common there, which brings a lot of
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