Onset of Breast Cancer

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Onset of breast cancer: Introduction: DNA makeup our gene in each cell which control our functions. Gene which increases cell division are called oncogene,others which slow down cell division, or cell die at right time are called tumor suppressor gene.Certain changes or mutation in DNA turn on oncogene or turn off tumor suppressor gene to cause normal breast cell to become cancerous.the stem cell mutation are the actual root of cancer which causes cancer again and again we use different strategies to diagnose the presence of these kind of mutation including different scans including CT scan,ultrasonography,FED. Inherited gene mutations Certain genes that were mutated in parent can dramatically increase the risk of developing certain cancer that run in families. For example BRCA gene are tumor suppressor gene a mutation that can occur in one of these gene in parents cause tumor in progeny, as it no longer suppresses abnormal growth and causes cancerous cell proliferation. (Bahcall O et al.,2013) Genetic testing can diagnose women having inherited mutated gene BRCA1 or BRCA2 tumor suppressor gene. These women can take step to prevent its proliferation. (Goodwin et al.,2009) Mostly high penetrance mutation can cause the development of cancer although many women do not develop the cancer due to high penetrance but can be caused by low penetrance or gene variation causes cancer development. Each of these may have a small individual effect on cancer development, but the overall
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