Onsumer Behavior Case Solutions (Ch09-Ch14)

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Consumer Behavior Case Solutions (Ch09-Ch14) Chapter 9 Rollerblade In Line skates Q#1: The diffusion of innovation refers to the tendency of new products, practices, or ideas to spread among people. Usually, when new products or ideas come about, they are only adopted by a small group of people initially; later, many innovations spread to other people. Modeling plays an integral role in spreading new products within targeted segment, it instruct people in new styles of behavior, accelerate diffusion, and serve as advocates for products Q#2: Modeling Employed | Desired Response | Showing him an ad of Rollerblade | Show him the product and get information about it | Showing…show more content…
most moviegoing going cinema with their friends to enjoy latest movies with 3D display, accordingly movie theaters need to develop group ticket for such segment and have proper design for environmental and physical aspects to be modern with high tech theaters) Q#2: * Macro-environmental factors 1. Social factors distort theater environment (talking, cell phones, babies crying, etc.) 2. Sacrificing long term relationships with theater-goers for the increase in short term profitability (commercials, etc…) 3. Higher quality experience elsewhere (Home theater) 4. Declining quality of mainstream movies 5. Easily available long tail content alternatives (Netflix, Amazon) 6. Price 7. Demographics: Aging baby boomers simply go out to movies less. * Marketing implications A smart theater owner shall recognize that people go out to the movies for the overall social experience, the better the experience, the better you can do. Everyone can always eat dinner for less money at home, but they go out to eat at restaurants for the experience and the ambiance and the fact that others do the work and take care of the details, the same is true for movies as well, therefore theater owners simply need to make people feel more enjoyable and relaxed with moviegoing experience by

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