Ontario Child And Family Services Act

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The Ontario Child and Family Services Act (CFSA) highlights a number of amendments that promote the protection and well-being of children in care. Through examining Amina’s story, we have identified which of her rights were violated, and explained why each situation was an infringement of the law, by quoting the relevant sections from the CFSA, Part V, Children’s Rights in Care. In addition, we have also explained what we, as Child and Youth Workers (CYWs) would do differently to ensure that Amina’s rights are respected.
According to the Child and Family Services Act (CFSA, 1990, c. C.11, s. 105 (2)), Amina’s Right to Care was violated and she was declined of the following amendments: to receive meals that are well-balanced, of good quality and appropriate for the child; to receive medical care whenever required and; to receive an appropriate education. In her stay at the Oak House, Amina didn’t receive meals that were ‘appropriate’ for her, which was a direct violation of her Right. As an identified Muslim, this situation was a violation because despite complaining to staff that she couldn’t eat the pizza with bacon, staff did not take the necessary steps to provide a well-balanced alternative meal in order to ensure she wouldn’t go hungry. Also, as part of her punishment for disobeying house rules, the staff at Oak House cancelled her doctor’s appointment and forbade her from attending school. The CFSA highlights the importance of receiving medical care when required and
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