Ontario Student Assistance Program ( Osap )

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Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) OSAP, a program designed to benefit Ontario residents in need; they can apply to receive a Canada-Ontario integrated student loan through the Ontario Student Assistance Program or OSAP. The program was started back in the 1990’s, by the Ontario government to enable those with lower incomes to receive loans, grants and scholarships which allows them to have the ability to pay for their post secondary education.
To completely understand the relationship between OSAP and Social Welfare, we must first examine what social welfare system is. A social welfare system is a program designed to provide assistance to the needy individuals and families. There are numerous types and amounts of welfare that are accessible to these individuals and families that vary depending on what country, state or region you reside in. How do the two topics, OSAP and Social welfare relate? Social welfare is a program that provides assistance to the needy; OSAP is that program to which assistance is provided. The difference between the two is that money that comes from OSAP can only be used post secondary school requirements like tuition fees, books and transportation allowance, social welfare covers other living essentials like food and a place to live.
The targeted users for this program would be those entering into their post secondary education. The Ontario Student Assistance Program is open to all Ontario residents; the program was designed and created to…
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