Ontario Works Act : The Ontario Work Act

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The current legislation for welfare is the Ontario Works Act, 1997. There are two systems of assistance in this Act. The employment assistance and the basic financial assistance. Employment assistance aids an individual become employed and stay employed. Basic financial assistance includes; Food, Shelter, Benefits and Emergency costs. The purpose of this act is to help individuals in need of financial assistance temporarily. The law is as long as you remain eligible you can receive social assistance, there is no time limit.
Social assistance in Ontario is made up of two programs; Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and Ontario Works (OW). Ontario Works is for individuals who need temporary financial relief and ODSP is for
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That means that 49.75% of Canadas welfare is in Ontario. One in seven people living in Canada are living in poverty, that’s 4.9 million people.
“The Ontario Works program strives to balance client needs with individual responsibility. If you are applying for or are eligible for Ontario Works, you have the right to; be told about your eligibility in writing, and appeal a decision about your eligibility that you do not agree with.” Stated by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.
With your rights to social services comes with responsibilities to remain eligible. “If you are receiving Ontario Works, you are required to meet with us every 3 months to review your Participation Agreement and every 12 months to review your financial information, take part in employment assistance activities that will help you find a job, report any income you receive from a job, a training program or other source of income, such as Employment Insurance, pensions, keep your receipts and statements in order to verify your income, assets and expenses. For example, keep your pay stubs, bank account statement, child care receipts, etc. Tell us about any changes in your situation such as getting a job, opening or closing a bank account, having a baby, moving, etc. Provide documents or information that we ask for, obtain any other income that you are entitled to. For example, child support, Ontario Child Benefit, Employment Insurance, other
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