Ontario 's Health : Briefing Note

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Ontario 's Health: Briefing Note Alysha Savji Ryerson University Health Policy MN8910 Dr. Karen Spalding October 8, 2015 Ontario 's Health: Briefing Note Health care expenditure accounted for an estimated 11% (214.9 billion) of Canada’s GDP in 2014 (CIHI, 2014). Canada boasts a universal, cost-effective and fair health care system to its citizens (Picard, 2010). However, despite great claims and large expenses incurred Canada’s health care system has been reported inefficient in it’s delivery to the population (Davis, Schoen, & Stremikis, 2010; Picard, 2010). As inconsistencies exist in health care delivery across the country, choosing priorities for the health of the Canadian people becomes of vital importance. In Ontario, progress toward a better health care system has been stated to be moving forward by putting the needs of the “patient’s first” (Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care [MOHLTC], 2015). This policy brief will give a background of health care issues in Canada related to Ontario. Three evidence-based priorities will be suggested for Ontario’s health policy agenda for the next three to five years. Furthermore, through a critical analysis of these issues a recommendation of the top priority issue for the agenda will be presented. Background Health care spending equates to approximately 40% of all provincial/territorial budgets, making health care the single largest expenditure (CIHI, 2015). Of this, Hospital, drug and physician expenditure
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