Ontario's Long Term Care Homes Act

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Ontario’s Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007 (LTCHA) was created under the Long-Term Care Homes Act and began on July 1, 2010. The current LTCHA eventually replaced the Homes for the Aged, Nursing Homes Act, and Rest Homes Act as well as the regulations that fall under the above Acts. In Ontario, all of the long-term care homes are now administered by one legislation that is called the Long-Term Care Homes Act. 2007.
The Long-Term Care Act was to benefit and work with seniors to improve their overall well-being. The Long-Term Care Homes Act guarantees to help residents living within the long-term care system to receive dependable, high-quality, and safe care for the residents. It is often common for seniors to adjust when placed in long-term care as this is a new and challenging transition for the senior and their families. The commonplace goal is to have a long-term care home environment where residents feel comfortable and at home, where residents are treated with the respect they deserve, and have the proper supports and services that cherish to their particular needs for their overall health and well-being. These services are physical and mental health related services- especially one that relates to the Community Worker Program such as Community and Social Workers that are crucial in a senior’s life often.
How the Long-Term-Care Homes Act makes their goal possible is by having the participation of mutual respect for all of the residents, the resident’s families/friends,…

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