Ontology is the Specifcation of Conceptualization

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Definition of ontology According to Tom Gruber, an AI specialist at Stanford University, “ontology is the specification of conceptualization, used to help programs and human share knowledge.” Ontology also is a description about the concepts and relationships that can exist for an agent or community of agent. A description in this case means it’s like a formal specification of the program. Ontology also is the working model of entities and interaction in some particular domain of knowledge or practice according to the information technology. The example of the ontology according to the information technology aspect is the electronic commerce or the activity of planning. Ontology is the set of concept that are specified in some way in order to create an agreed in this usage. In some cases, the ontology can be described as a set of definition of formal vocabulary. Ontologies are also not limited to conservative definition, that is, definition in the traditional logic sense that only introduce terminology and do not add any knowledge about the world (Endeton, 1972). Definition of accident “An accident can be defined as the unplanned, uncontrolled event which has led to or could have led to injury to people, damage to plant, machinery or the environment and/or other loses.” Accident also can be defined as unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury. It is terrifying and terrible with the explosive accident.

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