Onyx's Sacrifice

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Animals in captivity not only endure the horrors of their environment, but they suffer negligence and in extreme cases; death. In the case of “ANIMAL PROTECTION, EDUCATION AND INFORMATION FOUNDATION, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. FRIENDS OF THE ZOO OF SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI, INC., Defendant-Respondent of 1995,” a man named Mr. Hill, in December of the year 1965 imported a one-year old male elephant named Onyx, and he thereon owned Onyx until 1980 from which he then game Onyx to FOZ. FOZ supported Dickerson Park Zoo, he operated it since 1982, what better place to put Onyx could FOZ think of. Dickerson Park Zoo promised to care for Onyx if FOZ acquired him, and that very situation happened. Onyx became difficult to control, hence the reason Mr. Hill had given him up to FOZ. It had appeared that Onyx had developed a behavioral issue referred to as “must.” They declared to the court that Male Elephants often encounter this pattern of behavior, yet, it doesn’t come suddenly. Onyx’s behavioral bursts of must were coming prolifically frequent and much more dangerous than the previous times. During the time Onyx was with Mr. Hill, Onyx attacked him. Onyx hit Mr. Hill, injuring his ribs. Not long after, Onyx tossed Mr. Hill in the air and tried to ineffectively spear through him…show more content…
Tatiana was shot and killed by an officer of the law. Ever since, the Tigers in captivity now have more precautions. The tiger’s grotto now has an electrified fence and signs that alarm visitors of the zoo not to taunt the tigers. Tatiana was a tiger raised in captivity, although she never lived in the wild, she responded as any animal would when their instincts tell them there is a threat in their territory. The escaping of Tatiana goes forth with negligence of the zoo, the zoo didn’t provide the safest and most efficient environment for
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