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Dear Oodgeroo Noonuccal,
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The other effective insult, I believe, is a very substantial one. It moreover supports the contempt towards your people. “Rubbish May be tipped here”, “covers half the traces of the Bora ring”. The connotation of rubbish is something insignificant. Hence a mocking sense is created when the rubbish covers half of an important site the Bora ground. What the white community seems to be communicating is that they know the land belongs to your people. But they are sabotaging it on purpose. This being truly offensive therefore this is a very strong quote in your poem certainly conveying their disrespect.
All your poems portray change of the way you and your people live and how you find it hard to adapt due to the discrimination. The taking of your land is very unthoughtful of the Europeans and I believe that something should be done about this. Change has been a big obstacle for you and your people. In your poem, we are going, there are reminiscing of old days which very clearly conveys your want to be back in time. Use of the adjective ‘old’ in “old ceremonies”, “old ways” and “old Bora ring” suggest this reminiscing and giving off an essence of ownership of the old things. Change is purely communicated later on when you have repeated “gone”. This word ring in our mind every time we read of it and hence the numerous times it appears seem to represent the numerous things that are gone, taken away by the Europeans. “The eagles are gone”, “the shrubs are gone”,
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