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Critical Writing Packet Harris, REA 095 This purpose of this packet is to aid you in your Critical Writing Assignments for REA 095. TOPIC: “Extra Large, Please” Go to page 636 of your reading textbook and read #3 beneath the topic “Extra Large, Please.” This question and essay assignment corresponds to your textbook’s Chapter 3 Implied Main Ideas Review Test #2 on pages 113-117. Reread the article “Extra Large, Please” by Alice M. Davies. Then, use the following packet to help guide you through the brainstorming and organizational parts of your essay’s prewriting. BRAINSTORMING: In the space below, write out three notes from the reading that you found interesting: 1. 2. 3. Now consider, What can parents do to encourage their…show more content…
Expresses ideas fluently and gracefully. | Displays clear thinking. Expresses ideas clearly. | Conveys basically intelligible ideas. Style is bland, pedantic or formulaic | Conveys simplistic ideas. Lack of vocabulary hinders clarity of expression. | Reveals confusion or takes an extremely simplistic approach to the prompt. | Demonstrates confusion or inability to comprehend the prompt. | Thesis Voice Audience | Demonstrates effective sense of voice, audience and purpose, one that is evident in such elements as thesis, topic selection and/approach to topic. Discussion is fully developed and convincing. | Demonstrates adequate and clear sense of voice, audience and purpose through thesis, topic selection and/or approach. Lacks sophisticated approach. | Lacks mastery of voice, sense of audience, and/or purpose. Thesis weak or unclear. Support is weak. | Fails to convey a clear sense of voice or

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