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CSE219 OBJECT – ORIENTED PROGRAMMING LAB Cycle Sheet – I 1. Create a class that registers your details by taking reg.no, name, age and mail id. Create a function that prevents duplicate entries of objects based on reg.no. (b) 2. Create a class account that maintains acc_no, name, and balance. Perform deposit, withdrawal and statement print operations. (statement print must print all the transactions that has taken place so for – use structures inside the class to maintain the details about transactions)(b) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. Create a class that holds the details of the mobile phone like brand, imei, no of sim cards, phone numbers etc.,. Allow user to login …show more content…
List out the products available to the user and allow the user to select the products and the quantity. Overload * operator for multiplying quantity with objects and overload + operator to add all the objects to find the total cost. Finally display the total amount, quantity of each product with their brands, price etc.,. (e) 12. Write a c++ program that maintains the date in (day/mon/year) format and overload the ++ & -- operator to view previous or next date from today’s date. Ensure that the day won’t exceed 30/31 for certain months. (e) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13. Create a class that stores the details about a room in a hotel (private: room no, type, cost). Create subclasses like Lounge(no.of people it can accommodate, A/C type(centralized/window), food preference, recreational facilities (as a string array)) and deluxe room(A/C or non A/C, single/double bedded). Create a class that maintains the customer details (name, age, address, phoneno). Allow booking of the room by the customer after checking the status of its availability. Overload the booking function such that it can book a either a lounge or deluxe room for a customer.(l) 14. Create a c++ program that

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