Open Doors: Extending Hospitality to Travelers with Disabilities

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Group 1 Project Open Doors: Extending Hospitality to Travelers with Disabilities

Charles Carillon,
Erica Kalilikane,
Bethany Waters
This report serves to review the research completed by Eric Lipp and the Open Doors Organization (ODO). Through familiarity with the issue, analysis, and sound recommendations, we conclude that the research was sound and beneficial to a very large demographic of people with disabilities.

MGMT 3350-Business Research Methods
Dr. Aytun Ozturk
DRAFT 16 April 2012

Construction worker Eric Pearson was doing his typical nightly duties while his company was paving a major highway in Colorado on a clear, summer night
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The management question then becomes:
To accommodate and attract travelers with disabilities, how can companies provide better training to all levels of personnel and invest, without causing financial hardship, in accessibility projects?
Executive director Eric Lipp established the Open Doors Organization, or ODO, in order to create a disability access advocacy organization that would help adults with disabilities. In an effort to help these adults better their travel experiences as well as hospitality, Lipp coordinated the Adults with Disabilities: Travel and Hospitality Study. Lipp worked with Francie Turk, a volunteer study consultant and principal of Consumer Connections, Inc., as well as Harris Interactive. Together, these companies undertook a research project that would hopefully help provide necessary evidence that additional funding was needed for these adults to feel more comfortable and accepted when traveling. The study had four objectives:
I. “Estimate the economic impact of the disability community on the travel industry” (1).
II. “Measure the travel behaviors of adults with disabilities” (1).
III. “Determine how well the needs of adults with disabilities are being met by the travel industry” (1).
IV. “Quantify what services and products would encourage adults with disabilities
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