Open-Drop Technique: Anesthesia Used In Surgery

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Anesthesia was almost always, was like a rule, used in surgery, and there were 800,000 cases where it was used . Surgeons used chloroform about 75% of the time . On 8,900 cases where anesthesia was used, only 43 deaths were reported. This makes remarkable mortality rate of just 0.4%.Usually,anesthesia was done with the open-drop technique. This technique worked by applying a cloth held over the patient's mouth and nose and was removed after the patient was unconscious. An efficient surgeon could amputate a limb in 10 minutes.Surgeons usually worked all night, with piles of limbs that were as high as four or five feet. They used bloody fingers as probes and bloody knives were used as scalpels.Most surgeons were aware that cleanliness was important,
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