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UNIVERSITY OF BATH, MSC IN INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT Connect and Develop P&G's big stake in open innovation Limali Panduwawala Suvidha Venkatesh Pedro Parraguez Xiajing Zhang 27/11/2009 Abstract: This report explores P&G's "Connect and Develop" open innovation initiative. Its focus is to analyse this innovation strategy in the context of the formal academic theory, other P&G's programmes and the company situation. Its objective is to understand the impacts, challenges and problems of implementing a large open innovation initiative inside a corporate giant such as P&G. Keywords: Procter & Gamble, P&G, Open Innovation, Connect and Develop, Innovation Networks Connect and Develop, P&G's big stake in open innovation 1…show more content…
P&Gs budget for R&D amounts to nearly $2 billion an year: twice the amount spent by Unilever, P&Gs biggest competitor. This proves the company’s dedication towards sustainable innovation (Datamonitor, 2009). 3.1 Managing Innovation at P&G Historically P&Gs innovation strategy was focused on its internal capabilities. The company had minimal experience externally and was not involved with its competitors. The model used by the company was a traditional stage gate model (Heimberg, 2008). This model (See appendix 7.5) helped P&G until 2000 when the company faced major financial difficulties. With the increase in the pace of innovation, costs, fast followers, constrained resources and more consumer demands the traditional model was unable to deliver the required results (Heimberg, 2008). The company required a "growth rate which exceeded the industry growth rate”. This Figure 2, Open Innovation Model (Heimberg, 2008) Figure 1, Stage gate Model (Heimberg, 2008) required collaboration with external sources (Lafley, 2008); commonly known as Open Innovation. This initiative was named connect and develop where the company collaborates with external sources for innovative ideas and technologies. When the process began the 10-15% of the innovations at P&G included ideas from external sources and today this has
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