Open Letter To University Of Michigan Central Student Government.

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Open Letter to University of Michigan Central Student Government
Dear the University of Michigan Central Student Government,
As an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan concerned with the stress levels of my peers, I am writing to address the issue of not having enough stress-reducing activities for students year-round. As we all know, college is a very stressful time. Not a week goes by without having an exam, an essay due, or a presentation to give. And if it does, we spend that week prepping for whatever assignment we have the following week. We never get a break. This is why we need the Central Student Government’s help in providing enough stress-reducing activities year-round for every student who wants and needs them.
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2012). A reduction in heart rate and a reduction in blood pressure are both signs of stress reduction, which shows that interacting with therapy dogs get the job done. This type of stress reduction is easy and accessible, and it is what the students here at the University of Michigan need.
The Central Student Government might argue that it is not feasible to have therapy dogs available at all times every single day, which is true, but having them around about once a week would suffice. The Central Student Government might also believe that the University of Michigan does not have the resources or money to make this happen, but many therapy dog owners volunteer their time, rather than get paid for it, so money is not an issue. For example, the organization that the University of Michigan already uses, named “Therapaws of Michigan”, is a non-profit organization and all of their therapy dog owners are volunteers. It does not cost anything for them to come help us out. Also, space should not be an issue either because first of all, there are always places outside, such as the Diag, to hold these events, and second of all, our campus is so big that finding a room out of the
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