Open Mouth Chewing Research Paper

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It makes me glad to know that people enjoy the food they're eating. However, I would rather not hear them eat that food or see it. My most intense pet peeve is speaking or opening one's mouth while it is filled with food. From a young age, I've been taught that chewing food with a closed mouth is proper etiquette. Apparently, not all people were raised to mind their manners when they eat. Open-mouth chewing is a form of bad manners, annoys those nearby who are trying to eat in peace, and is simply repulsive. The first reason why it is difficult for me to handle open-mouth chewing is because doing so is impolite. One does not have to be an etiquette expert to know that chewing with the mouth closed is proper. Yet, whether you find yourself in restaurants, cafeterias, or other public or private settings, people can often be found chewing with their mouths open or talking with a mouthful of food. Contrary to…show more content…
Being in the presence of one who chews with an open mouth is difficult. In the event that a friend or acquaintance of mine is smacking their lips and not eating properly, it is a struggle for me to even be around that person. A very dear friend of mine eats his food with an open mouth. While I am very close to this friend, being with him while he eats makes me want to scream and immediately leave his side. No matter the person nor the situation, chewing on food with an open mouth is a horrendous behavior. I like to think of myself as a nice person, so I try not to say or do anything rude to those who chew with an open mouth. However, it takes all of my power and self control not to stab those people with a fork. Talking with a mouthful of food and chewing on food with an open mouth are examples of improper etiquette and very annoying and disrespectful behavior. Open-mouth chewing is my biggest pet peeve, and I would prefer to never be in the vicinity of a person who is obnoxiously smacking their lips when they
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