Open Source Software For Database Server

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In this task, I will be looking at some open source software for a database server, Web server, file server, SMTP server, and an LDAP server. I will go over a few in each category and then make my recommendations based on the stability and security of the software as it relates to the need of the First World Bank. First, I will be looking at some open source software for the database server. I am going to be at the two that I consider be our organization’s best options. Those two are MySQL and PostgreSQL. MySQL is considered the most popular of all the open source database systems. It offers a variety of database features and is considered fairly quick and pretty secure. It would be a good choice for the company’s database servers. However, unfortunately “MySQL does not [try to] implement the full SQL standard, this tool is not completely SQL compliant. If you might need integration with such RDBMSs, switching from MySQL will not be easy” (Tezer 2014). This makes it not entirely ideal for current situation. When we take a look at PostgreSQL, we see that “PostgreSQL is the advanced, open-source [object]-relational database management system which has the main goal of being standards-compliant and extensible” (Tezer 2014). For the type of work our company is looking to achieve, it is very important that our database system be both highly secure and standards-compliant. The downside of PostgreSQL is it is considered slower than MySQL and it is not as popular.…
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