Open Sources Intelligence : Open Source Intelligence

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Open Source Intelligence Open Source Intelligence is one of the most inquired and disputed about source in the Intelligence Community within the last 10 years due to the advances in technology. Many people feel that it is a reliable and much needed source for many reason including; cost effectiveness, vas number of sources, and availability. The opposing half could argue almost the exact points in their favor. With Open Source Intelligence, there are many possibilities for civilians to get involved in the safety of their nation. Whatever the varying opinions are, the existence of Open Source Intelligence is very real and very active. Open Source Intelligences (OSINT) has been an unofficial source of intelligence for many years dating back before WWII, through the Cold War, and into present times. In 2005 the DNI Open Source Center was created to supervise and organize the formal creation of OSINT within the IC. Their mission was to, “we apply our expertise in searching, acquiring and analyzing the world’s publicly available information to inform and enable those who make US policy and defend our nation” (Hamilton) It wasn’t until 2007 that OSINT was officially recognized. On July 16-17 2007, the Inaugural DNI Open Source Conference was held that formally announced OSINT into the Intelligence Community (IC). This conference was the first to ever be open to the public in the entire history of the IC. According to Michael Taylor, “Open Source intelligence, provides
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