Essay on Open Your Mind To Other Cultures

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Education is held to the highest regard no matter what background one comes from. Without any form of education or knowledge on what shapes the world, the deeper connection between events and the human mind would lay untouched. Therefore, in order for an individual to understand his/her country, it is imperative that they study cultural literature. It allows for an individual to gain stability in their own country as well as becoming open-minded about their surroundings and other cultures. Studying of cultural literature will promote anyone to develop an open-minded. Learning about other cultures and their development, which would be impossible to understand by merely reading the pieces of work, will allow the individual to see and…show more content…
Therefore, an easy solution begins with the basics. In the course of an individual’s high school education, a class should be taught on the broad topic of cultural literature. This will benefit those students and give them a taste of what it truly is like to study the writings. It will introduce the point and give a background as well as teach those students the fundamentals. Learning the material is easy enough, but understanding what shaped the literature will be imperative to understand how the world achieves its goal on the whole. In doing so, it will become undemanding to compare assess the many levels of works that come from each country as well as their own. Once a student reaches college, class burdens can evolve. Classes should be narrowed down to study specific content only in certain cultures and vicinities. The more in-depth study will advance the student towards grasping further what that area strove for and in the process, understand how that ties back to their home country. This will also give students the chance to select which area interests them the most. Certain majors should be required to study the literature depending on what they choose to attain. This will also give everyone a chance to relate what they hope to do in the future with the past and the evolution of literature over time. Many people believe that simply reading the literature
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