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Open Zara Store in Suzhou Zara Project Report Yang Cao Kalele Perreira Hunan Lei Nicholas Case Business 201, Section 1 Professor Eli Berniker May 20, 2007 Table of Contents Introduction to the project: p.3 Intro to Zara: p.3—4 Business Vision: p.4 Location: p.4—7 Target Market: p.7—8 Business Start—up and Operation: p.8—14 Future Growth: p.14—15 Invest Recommendation: p.15—16 Why we choose Bank of China to get our initial fund? p.16 References: p.17 This report is a comprehensive plan to open a Zara clothing in Suzhou, China Introduction to Zara Zara was founded by Amancio Ortega in 1963. The business began as a small outfit producing lingerie items. The first Zara…show more content…
Zara has four stores operating in China. There is one store in Beijing, and three in Shanghai, two of which are what Zara considers flagship store. The proximity between Suzhou and Shanghai is beneficial because information transmits quickly between these two cities. As a result of this many residents of Suzhou already know of and are familiar with the Zara brand. Suzhou is located in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, which is the fastest growing economic region in China. Suzhou’s economy is the fourth largest in China. In 2006 the GDP of Suzhou was 450 billion RMB (58.2 billion USD). (, 2006). Income per capital in 2006 was approximately $10,000. |February 2007 Individual Income Average |3,324.16 RMB | |Disposable Income |3,117.36 RMB | |Amount of Disposable Income Spent |1,490.35 RMB | |Food |676.00 RMB | |Clothes |148.26 RMB (10%) | |Utility Bills |67.91 RMB | |Home
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