Open and Closed Borders: the Effects on America

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Open and Closed Borders: The Effects on America


Savannah Miller

American Studies English 6C

Mrs. Teisha Sherrill

March 20, 2013


“The Census Bureau estimates that 450,000 illegal immigrants enter the United States each year” (Point: Immigration). Why are so many immigrants coming here illegally? “Immigrants leave their country of origin for a variety of reasons including employment, economic, social conditions, military conflict, and political turmoil” (Immigration Restrictions). What is the government doing to stop it? Each year many immigrants enter the United States, a good number of them enter illegally, crossing the border without correct documentation, and living in the United States
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“Admission was limited annually to 3% of each nationality or ‘national origin’” (Controversy). This is the major reason the quota was controversial. The system would only allow 3%. Nations with higher populations could send over more immigrants, while a less populated nation would have a considerably smaller amount of immigrants that could enter the United States each year. “The quota as contained in the Quota Law of 1924, as in the current law, keeps the percentage on a basis which will restrict the total to approximately 150,000 immigrants annually” (Controversy). All of the immigration policies devised by the government have been about maintaning a healthy population for the nation. “Since 1924 there have been nine major reforms to the immigration policy. However, none have succeeded in eliminating illegal immigration” (Counterpoint: Amnesty). Illegal immigration is still a major part in American culture. Nine times it has tried to been defeated, but illegal immigration still has not been stopped. The biggest question is, will illegal immigration ever cease? If so, how?

Chapter Two

There are two sides to the argument of open and closed borders: there is a pro side and a con side.

Many people agree that open borders would be a good idea. These people believe that “... Punishment helps no one” (Point: Amnesty). America should be a place that can be freely entered, with no restrictions. Immigration and open
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