Open and Prosperous Trade with South Africa

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Introduction South Africa has enjoyed since the early 90's open and prosperous trade between there international relationships. The ruling party however has been under the spotlight for majority of their duration in power. In the duration of the ruling parties last term there has been many changes; new competitive political parties were formed, service delivery strikes have risen tremendously, youth have lost faith in the government and literacy and education has been criticised globally.Based on research previously done discussing the key parties for the 2014 elections and status of the countries international trade the report will discuss the implications from the 2014 elections that will affect the global view and standing of the country. First to addressed is the new parties and their role in the 2014 election. An in depth look at the trade economic relations between the nation will be discussed and what the implications are globally if the ruling party loses of their power in parliament. Lastly to be discussed will be the ionternational relations between the nation and its counterparts and how the 2014 election outcome could impact the global standing of the nation. Key Political Parties South Africa has been run by the African National Congress for 20 years, without any real competitor challenging them. According to the daily maverick the motives for voters to cast their ballad for a particular party in the 2014 election will not be because of race as it was in the
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