Opening New Dunkin Donuts : Job Design

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Opening New Dunkin Donuts Locations Student 's Name: Course Name and Number: Instructor 's Name: Date Submitted: The process of opening new subsidiaries of a company is usually tricky because without serious organization and management the project can make the company incur losses. The project is also supposed to be done within a short time so that the new branches can operational and help in increasing the revenue of the company. This paper will look at analyzing the project of increasing the number of locations by Dunkin Donuts. Job design There are various types of job designs that are used in organizations, and these designs defer depending on the goals of the company, and the organizational design. The job design that will be used in the expansion of Dunkin Donuts is job engineering. Job engineering is focused on analyzing the product, tools, process and operator methods to be used in the project being undertaken (Hoeven & Zoonen, 2015). This job design will ensure that employees understand their role in in the expansion project, and how they should carry out their operations to ensure the objectives of the firm are met. The other advantage of this job design is that all tasks of the projects will be divided to all employees, ensuring that there is no confusion during the project. For example, if rotational job design was used then employees would be confused during the project because they will be moved from one job to the other hence not knowing what to
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