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Opening Remarks by Mr. Makoto Washizu Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. First of all, I would like to extend a sincere welcome to all of you joining us today for this seminar hosted by the Japan International Transport Institute. In addition, I greatly appreciate the participation of our keynote speakers and the panelists. The purpose of this seminar is to explore the possibility of managing efficiency and environmentally friendliness in logistics. First, I would like to mention briefly the introductory part of the discussion. The reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions has become a priority at the local, national, and international levels and the time for action has arrived. Since the transportation sector…show more content…
We can learn a great deal from best Today, we practices on sustainable logistics in both the U.S. and Japan. 2 have invited experts who are intimately involved in these leading projects. Let me introduce the distinguished guests. ・ The first speaker is Ms. Sarah Dunham, Director of the Transportation and Regional Programs Division, at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. She will speak about various US environmental policies including the well-known SmartWay Program she has been working on. This program aims at promoting environmentally-friendly logistics through cooperation between carriers and shippers, and has created a new frontier for environmental measures in cargo transportation. (to be revised) ・ The next speaker is Mr. Hiroshi Omino, General Manager of the Sales Department, Isuzu Motors Limited. He has significant experience in planning and managing of training programs for truck drivers on “eco-friendly” driving. This unique service will show you the possibility of improvement of efficiency in truck operations. ・ Mr. Randy Mullet, the third speaker, is the Vice President of Government Relations at Con-Way Inc. He is in charge of the company’s program on sustainable business practices. Since he has exerted himself for federal legislative advocacy, Mr. Mullet has 3 a significant influence in the cargo transportation and supply chain management field. ・ Mr. Akira Motomiya of
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