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Part One: Opening and Closing Scenes Significance of Opening Scene (Briefly describe the opening scene. Explain how it introduces the themes of the novel.) The introduction to the novel is presented in the form of letters from Robert Walton to his sister on his expedition to the North Pole, and these letters present an idea of the loneliness and heartache that he feels since he believes that he is all by himself without anyone to really talk to. These letters reveal a sad opening tone that will continue to manifest itself throughout the novel. Significance of Closing Scene (Briefly describe the closing scene. How does it resolve and/or finalize the themes of the novel? How does it connect to or contrast with the opening scene?) The closing scene also ends with letters from Walton, however they also reflect the ideas and themes made in the opening scene. The ending closes with a general feeling of loneliness, as both Frankenstein and the monster die after facing lives filled with despair and loss. Just as Walton felt alone during his voyage at sea, Frankenstein felt alone after the deaths of his close family and friends, and the monster felt alone because he lived a life of being rejected by all of society. The opening scene foreshadows the overall tone of the novel which remains clearly present in the closing. Part Two: Memorable Quotations and Significance . Quote 1: "...but I was disturbed by the wildest dreams. I thought I saw Elizabeth, in the bloom of health,
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